Partners/ Affiliates

My Green Condo Inc. continues to explore innovative methods to enhance/better the communities, reduce manual processing and institute efficient processes that negate the need for printed material. The company passionately believes in conserving natural resources and maintaining them for future generations. My Green Condo Inc. continues to enhance My Green Condo (MGC) with innovative methods, tools and techniques to facilitate, assist and enable one stop shop for communities in their every day life. MGC teams up with the following industry leaders to achieve this common goal.

DuesPayment & RentPayment (US Market)

YapStone powers a global web-based and mobile payments platform that is changing the way the world pays. Processing over $10B in payments annually, the company’s platform powers online marketplaces. They offer two products: DuesPayment for Home Owners/Condo/Co-operative Associations and RentPayment for Rental buildings. My Green Condo believes that no one should pay for processing online payments. My Green Condo Inc. is teaming up with YapStone Inc. to offer a free online payment solution to all owners, tenants, property managers and management companies.

Caliber Software

Caliber Software is a software development company headquartered in Mesa, AZ that specializes in accounting and property management software for the community association industry. Its flagship product, Caliber, is the most advanced and fastest growing software in the industry.

TOPS Accounting Software

TOPS accounting software has been recognized as a leading application for managing condominium and homeowner’s association since 1985.

VMS Accounting Software

VMS is not just a single program, but a suite of management tools including everything from accounting, compliance, collections, and delinquency control, to interactive web modules allowing residents, property managers, board members and vendors to interact and communicate in real time.

XERO Accounting Software

Xero is one of the leading online accounting software provider for managing small business.

QuickBooks Accounting Software

QuickBooks is one of the leading online accounting software provider for managing small business.

EchoSign (Global)

EchoSign is the leader in on-demand, web-based, fully digital electronic signature solutions that don’t require scanning software, signature pads or digital certificates. EchoSign allows property management, board members, vendors and residents to simply sign and complete agreements/time-sensitive documents right from their iPads and smartphones. It provides automation of the entire execution process from beginning to end and shows the user where to sign or initial, what has already been signed and by whom. Documents are then converted to PDF and sent to the necessary people. Signed contracts are automatically stored in the user’s EchoSign account for future access. The company’s online signature technology complies with all legal standards, accepts documents in a variety of formats and attaches a digital signature to secure electronic documents, creating electronic records of agreements, transactions, and facilitates electronic commerce. For more information, visit

eFax (Global)

eFax®, the premier online fax network. eFax provides the ability of sending/receiving faxes as easy as emails in a secure/encrypted manner with the convenience of organizing and storing them securely and the ability of accessing these documents anytime from anywhere in the world. This will help reduce a lot of man-hours spent on sending, receiving, storing and searching fax documents. In turn, associations and management companies’ benefit from reduced operating cost and can promote and sustain a green environment by eliminating unnecessary paper processing. eFax is a brand and registered trademark of j2 Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: JCOM) and is online at

Eventbrite (Global)

Eventbrite, one of the leading, popular, global, online event-management and ticketing service provider. Associations, property management companies and residents can create/subscribe, organize, sell/buy tickets and also send custom invitations for events within Eventbrite. Eventbrite makes event management and promotion easy. With Eventbrite, anyone can customize and publish a professional online event registration page; leverage powerful event promotion tools to raise awareness and increase attendance; track attendees through charts, graphs and stay organized; and finally collect ticket payments through secure credit card processing, PayPal, or Google Checkout. For more information on Eventbrite, please visit

UBS Wealth Management (US Market)

UBS is an industry leader in providing outstanding wealth management service to homeowner associations to manage their investment assets. They offer various fixed income investment strategies for both long-term expenses planning and short-term cash management. UBS is committed to sustain a green environment and provide online capabilities, thus eliminating paper processing. For more information, visit UBS Homeowner Association Wealth Management.


My Green Condo has teamed up with TenantPay in Canada so that condo corporations and owners can reduce their overhead while lowering their carbon footprint without any capital outlay that is normally associated with Greening initiatives. Tenants/residents can pay their rent or any rent-related invoice through their own online banking (any bank or credit union) or make cash payments through Money Marts.  Residents simply add TenantPay to their list of Payees and begin making payments or setup recurring monthly payments. TenantPay reports are compatible with most accounting software and YARDI has built an interface to import electronically. TenantPay is a paperless payment option that reduces your carbon footprint while lowering your administrative overhead through electronic processing that clears the funds before being forwarded to any number of bank accounts the following business day TenantPay.

Rent Relay Inc (Canada)

My Green Condo has teamed up with Rent Relay™. Rent Relay™ is Canada's national electronic rent payment processor, servicing landlords and property managers from coast to coast. Our company has developed strong relationships with all major Canadian banks, and we can provide our clients with access to electronic payment methods typically used by larger companies, such as online bill payment and pre-authorized debit. Our scalable software solution is easy to use and automates rent collection, payment deposits and alerts for incomplete or missed payments. Rent Relay landlords dramatically reduce the time and effort it takes to manage and process their rent payments. These features, in addition to our enhanced communication suite and report generation, keep landlords aware of how well their portfolios are performing, while centralizing tenant information and communications in one convenient place. Designed by property managers for property managers, Rent Relay is the Smart Way for Tenants to Pay™! Rent Relay Inc

SterlingCard RENTPAY (Canada)

My Green Condo has teamed up with The SterlingCard RENTPAY. The SterlingCard RENTPAY platform allows property managers to process credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks from tenants – all without the hassle of collecting paper checks and enduring costly late payments and NSF checks.

RENTPAY offers property managers a new level of efficiency, security, and freedom. Contact us today and we’ll walk you through the process – you won’t believe how easy it is! SterlingCard RENTPAY