Users/Units Centric

  • Associations have the ability to setup the number of units for their community within the tool.
  • Owner and tenant contact details can be uploaded at initial setup, which includes pets and vehicle details.
  • Any subsequent residential changes to units are managed via move-in and move-out processes.
  • Residents have the ability to view/update/maintain their contact details.

  • Residents can also create/update their profile and publish it within the condo community, hence making it visible to their neighbors.
  • Residents will also be able to view a list of all their neighbors and any associated details such as profession, interests, etc., based upon what is published by the residents.
  • Details of all previous owners and tenants are archived along with any additional details of condo activities during their residence.

Move-in and Move-out eForms

  • Move-in eForms get completed either by owner/broker/tenant/property manager.
  • Move-in eForms are automatically processed on the move-in date once approved by the property manager.
  • Existing owners or tenants will be automatically deactivated from the unit and a deactivation notification will be sent.
  • New owners or tenants will receive an email detailing a welcome message, condo rules & regulations, and their user id with password.
  • MGC will automatically update calendar schedules with all move-in and move-out details, hence making management easier for the property manager.

Resident Survey

  • Intuitive, user-friendly surveys that provide property managers the ability to setup and publish surveys within few minutes.
  • Surveys can be created for specific audience profiles such as for owners only, or for tenants only or for both types of profiles.
  • Survey results are published as they get updated on a real time basis.
  • Results will be viewable by all residents, thus eliminating need for manual analysis and reporting.
  • Survey results are broken-down and displayed to differentiate between owner and tenant responses as appropriate.
  • Reminder emails for taking surveys can be setup and automated.

Announcements & Memos

  • Property managers can post various announcements within the tool, which then get displayed on the home pages of all residents.
  • The process of sending memos is made easy and can be sent via email to specific resident profiles such as owners only, tenants only or to both.
  • All past announcements and memos are archived by date, time, and topic within MGC and made available for residents and property managers to view at any point in time.
  • Property managers have the flexibility to broadcast memos to a certain building or floors within the association.
  • Property managers are not restricted to be present onsite to send out memos and they have the flexibility to broadcast from anywhere and at anytime.

Discussion Forums

  • Discussion forums can be set up exclusively for board members or owners and as well as for all users in general.
  • Residents can subscribe to forums of their choice and receive email notifications on all postings.
  • Postings can display either the resident name or address or both, based upon the forum settings as selected by the property manager.
  • Forums can be flagged and moderated by the property manager.
  • Selected users can also be blocked from posting to the forums.
  • Property managers could also post and respond to postings and hence provide resolutions to common resident issues.

Community Events & Association Staff Calendars

  • Property managers can post community events to be viewed by all residents.
  • The calendar provides residents a single place to view a schedule of all condo open meetings and other community events.
  • A full history of all events scheduled (past and present) are available online.
  • Property managers also benefit from maintaining a common calendar for staff members with schedules of maintenance, residents moving in and moving out by date and availability and eradicating error-prone manually maintained records.

For Sale and For Rent

  • Owners can self-list their properties for sale or for rent without needing to rely on brokers or property managers and publish it onto the association’s external website.
  • Listings are time limited and after which they will get automatically deactivated.
  • Property managers need not get involved. However, they can review all listings that get published and have the ability to suspend listings.

Package Delivery & Tracking

  • All deliveries received by condo concierge services are registered under each unit within MGC.
  • Barcode scanners can be leveraged to read and store package-tracking numbers in MGC, hence eliminating the need to maintain a manual record.
  • Upon receipt of a delivery, an automated email notification is sent to residents with the tracking number and a link to the package provider.
  • Signature pads can be leveraged to capture e-signatures and can be stored along with package details under each unit. Residents will be able to view & verify signatures on all collected packages.
  • Automated reminders are emailed out with procedures and hours of collection. This allows packages to be collected on a timely basis and hence eliminating the need for property managers to make calls reminding residents.
  • Property managers are provided with a dashboard of all uncollected packages by age.
  • Records of package deliveries received/collected are maintained at a unit level by time and date. Unit level reporting can be used to effectively manage package handling.

Association, Board Members and Resident Reports

  • Variety of on demand reports on active/archived users (owner & tenants), pets, vehicles, open/closed work requests, packages, surveys, etc., can be generated.
  • All approved budgets, open board meeting minutes and audited published accounts are available as reports. This visibility improves residents’ understanding of how their monthly condo fees are being spent.
  • Residents who cannot attend periodic board meetings can now be well informed of all condo activities. Better information and reports will help alleviate resident concerns and issues.

Condo Work Requests

  • Residents can raise condo related work requests and monitor progress/action and timely closure. When property managers update work requests with the latest action or status, MGC will generate an email notification informing residents on the latest status.
  • All work requests will be maintained at a unit level with a full audit trail of all actions taken.
  • Residents can view online all of their closed work requests with detail audit trails.
  • Property managers have one place to receive and process work requests. They have the ability to setup various work request types to meet the needs of the community and to ensure effective management and resolution of work.

Manage Amenity/Facility

  • Property managers can make reservations available online for residents to book amenities/facilities.
  • Scheduling/booking procedures can be uploaded for each facility.
  • Residents can view availability when making reservations and need not worry anymore about not being able to use a facility due to high demand or lack of booking procedures!
  • Certain facility bookings can be setup to require property manager approval. Once approved, residents will get a booking email notification from the property manager.
  • Built-in mechanism for reservations and process for approval helps eliminate service issues and ensure satisfaction of residents.
  • All reservations/bookings are archived with user details and by date and time.

Contractor Management

  • Property manager can maintain a list of pre-approved contractors who are allowed to perform work in the community within MGC.
  • This allows for easy visibility to Concierge/Security to grant entrance for contractors to the community.
  • Property managers’ benefit from the ability to maintain and control contractor access to association property.

Floor Plans

  • Associations can upload floor plans by unit type into MGC.
  • Residents have the ability to view/download all available condo floor plans.
  • This could be leveraged for the purposes of marketing condo units to potential buyers or tenants.

Master By-law documents

  • All master by-law documents and related amendments can be uploaded online for easy access to residents.
  • Residents are assured with online access (24 x 7) and can download or print these anytime.

Association eNewsletters

  • Associations can create and upload newsletters within MGC.
  • Residents can access these online newsletters anytime and peruse them leisurely.
  • An archive of all prior eNewsletters is maintained and are available as and when required.

Board information

  • This section is exclusively maintained for and accessed by board members.
  • All executive meeting minutes, service contracts, legal documents and board meeting packs can be uploaded for easy access by all board members.
  • New board members can come up to speed quite quickly by having the ability to review/peruse all documents in one place.
  • No need to be concerned about loss of important documents and history when there are changes in either property managers or management companies.
  • All documents are maintained online, hence eliminating unnecessary printing and keeping the environment green.

Condo Information & Procedures

  • All condo procedures such as move in, move out, usage of balcony, pet procedures, and information regarding management company, service providers, transportation, etc., along with other association information can be stored online in one central location
  • A list of association staff, contact information, pictures, work hours and their responsibilities can be maintained.
  • Residents will have full transparency into condo procedures and can peruse these documents anytime.
  • Better-informed and satisfied residents will help drive compliance with condo regulations.

Access Control

  • Property Managers have the ability of setting up/granting access to owners & tenants, board members, and condo staff members.
  • Information will be shared and disseminated to authorized and approved users of the system.
  • The tool controls/limits access for staff members to their functional areas and responsibilities; for example: HOA staff members have access to HOA functions only.
  • System access control is maintained and administered by MGC, hence restricting unauthorized access to association information.

Security Desk

  • Security desk will have access to all residents’ contact details and will allow for maintaining records of all visitors by unit, date/time and vehicle with the ability to search and pull resident information to validate a visitor.
  • Residents can maintain a pre-approved visitors list, hence providing pre-clearance before the arrival of the visitor.
  • MGC provides the ability for the security desk to issue visitor and vehicle passes.
  • Signature pads can be leveraged for sign-in and sign-out. This information will be stored with the visitor record for the unit.
  • Security desk will have the ability to capture repeat visitors and attach it to the unit. Residents can review this and update their pre-approved visitor list.
  • Security or concierge personnel can be given access permissions and entitlements to manage amenity bookings, manage package room, resolve work requests and participate in discussion forums.

Email & Condo Intra-mail

  • Property managers will have their own email address and can send/receive email.
  • They will have a dashboard that shows newly received messages. Incoming email will be displayed in the inbox with unit number and name, hence making it easier to handle.
  • Residents are provided with Intra-mail allowing them to send/receive messages regarding the status of their work requests or any anything else to/from their property management.
  • Residents can use Intra-mail to introduce themselves to new neighbors. This feature allows residents to build their own social network within the community.
  • Board members will be provided with a dedicated inbox to send and receive board specific email.
  • Residents can email the board without having to worry about changes in board email or board member changes.

Dedicated website

  • No additional cost for purchasing a web domain, or for developing and hosting the association’s website.
  • MGC provides the ability to customize the website to meet the requirements of the association.
  • Residents could list their units for sale or for rent on the website.

Customized for Association Structures

  • If the association is type HOA and has more than one Condo association under it, then MGC provides a multi condo structure under HOA.
  • MGC can also provide dedicated websites for each individual association as well as for the HOA based upon the requirements.
  • Access is segregated to Condo and HOA managers, hence Condo and HOA information are maintained separately.
  • The Condo and HOA associations will be able to function separately, but will be able to share information where required. Hence, assuring quality of service to residents and eliminating a lot of duplication.
  • Residents are provided with a single sign on and will have one portal to access their Condo association/HOA information and related activities.
  • A common database for resident details is shared between Condo & HOA.
  • ecurity/Front desk will have access to the common residential data.
  • Access controls can be defined for staff members to restrict them to their functional areas and responsibilities; for example: HOA staff members have access to HOA functions only.

Video/Audio Conferencing

  • MGC offers WebEx conferencing, which is an industry leader in providing online conferencing.
  • Property managers and board members could conduct their board meetings via WebEx conferencing.
  • Online meetings also eliminate unnecessary time and resources spent in printing meeting packs for board meetings. Documents can be loaded and shared on line.

Processing Invoice

  • All Invoices related to association get paid timely thus eliminate late fees and avoid last minute rush.
  • Easy online query of all invoices paid, pending and rejected
  • Eliminate hard copy printing and manual signature thus ensure green and cost effective
  • Easy control over all invoices paid hence help to ensure expenses are within budget
  • Online storage of all invoices thus eliminate both the need for hard copy storage and risk of losing records when management changes
  • Annual audit process becomes easier as all invoices are stored and available online