My Green Condo @ Hills Village Master Association

HVMA is a master association comprised of nine different condominium and homeowner associations. The community has 1421 units with many different luxurious amenities available to all residents. HVMA has 18 board members to represent the neighborhoods at the Master as well as 5 elected at-large members.  Along with the Master some of the neighborhoods are self-managed, whereas different management companies manage the rest of the neighborhoods.

This presented a complex structure of management and processes with multiple manual efforts that not only consumed the time of property management and board members, but also of residents who can’t get information more readily and in a timely manner. Adopting My Green Condo (MGC) has helped the association to redefine its management and processes, hence establishing clear transparency, communication and driving efficiencies with no incremental cost to the association.

With a view of sharing their experience with other associations within the industry globally, My Green Condo Inc. conducted an interview with Dawn March, President of HVMA and Pam Lawler, HVMA Property Manager who has been in the property management industry for over 20 years.

What is your experience with My Green Condo so far?

Pam Lawler - "We went live with MGC in June 2012 and our experience with MGC is truly outstanding. This is one of the best decisions that we have made for our community and we look forward to achieving a lot for our community by working with MGC. I have been in the industry for over 20 years as a property manager and have seen many system solutions. However, I have not seen a product like My Green Condo. The application is very comprehensive and incorporates requirements of all concerned parties such as board members, property manager, property management company, owners/tenants/residents, accountants and auditors. My Green Condo Inc. has even established excellent partnerships with other providers to provide a one-stop-solution for us. We are now collecting our monthly dues with no additional cost, which is amazing!"

How did you fund the cost of My Green Condo?

Dawn March - "My Green Condo (MGC) has multiple functionalities that helps eliminate a lot of our manual processing. My Green Condo Inc. has a great business model of working with us to implement process improvements and identifying redundant processes that can be eliminated using MGC. They also performed a Cost vs. Benefit study to prove the cost of MGC is negligible in comparison to the cost savings achieved by eliminating manual processes. Hence, we will be able to save monies for our association over a period of time and completely eliminate all manual & inefficient processes."

How does MGC help to keep your community green?

Pam Lawler- "Our board members are passionate about keeping our community green and responses from residents have been positive as well.  MGC helps us to eliminate paper-based communication related to management activities and also provides online file storage to store electronic documents. This eliminates the need to keep paper in the office and helps us drive a paperless office."

How does MGC help in promoting transparency?

Pam Lawler- "There are multiple functions within MGC that allow our residents to be connected with all association activities. They have 24/7 access to the information online and there is no need to reach out to either property manager or board members, as the bulk of the association information is or will be available online. All residents now have an opportunity to get involved, voice their opinion and influence decisions, even if they cannot physically be present at the association meetings."

Do you have a website and how does this integrate with MGC?

Both - "My Green Condo Inc. provided us with a customized dedicated website completely free of charge. This allows us to showcase our community to the outside world, help market our community to maintain or improve property value and finally to attract new residents.

We have a secure login into our portal through the website. As the property manager and a board member, we could interact and carry out all condo activities no matter where we are. We do not need to be in the management office, just need to have Internet access for using the web application. As a property manager, I could instantly notify all residents and board members of all issues even during off hours."

What process improvements have you been able to achieve?

Pam Lawler - "We have automated some of the manual processes with MGC. Some of the key processes that have been automated are –

  • Bill Payment – bill payment with full online approval and audit trail
  • Audit process - our auditors no longer need to come for an onsite visit as they can get all the necessary information or documents online via MGC
  • Maintenance of residential data - All residential records (past and present) are automatically retained within the system and give us 24/7 online access. Residents are given access and responsibility to maintain/update their information, thus eliminating additional manual process such as paper based surveys which we have done in the past."

Dawn March - "My Green Condo Inc., unlike any services provider has an outstanding concept of providing continuity to the operations of an association. With MGC, now our association can operate like any other organization with its own system, process, procedure and record keeping. For any change in board membership or property manager, we can just modify system access and the new member/manager could start where the previous one left off. This will help us to save a lot of monies from loss of data and knowledge, not to mention problems associated with conversions.  MGC also retains all residential records and if there is any repair work associated to a unit the association can pull up historical records for reference."

What about Sales & Support?

Pam Lawler - "My Green Condo Inc. is responsive and accommodating to modifying/customizing the application based on our requirements. It is very refreshing to see that they are very passionate about really improving our processes rather than just selling us a product. We are very pleased with the quality of their sales and support team."