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Cedar Point Property Owners Association, Inc.
Architectural Control Committee
215 Cedar Point Drive, Livingston, TX 77351
DTA Management (832) 364-6880
Any project will require a permit sign that can be picked up at the POA office for a refundable fee of $25.00, provided you return the sign in good condition to the POA once your project is completed.
The flooding in Houston has brought many changes and more stringent enforcement of drainage issues through Texas.
In order to receive a building permit, it is required that you bring or maintain your property in compliance with these drainage requirements.  Those who do not have proper drainage but are not seeking a permit will eventually be placed on a schedule where they have to have the improvements made or the CPPOA will have no choice but to do it for the owners and bill them as an additional maintenance fee.
The policy is as follows:
All lots in Cedar Point must have a ditch maintained in the right of way sufficient to meet State and County regulations which follow:
“Drainage for local and collector streets, roads, and bridges shall be designed to convey the 10 year storm.”
“All roadside ditches shall have a minimum depth equal to the diameter of the driveway culvert pipe plus six inches and a bottom width equal to the diameter of the driveway culvert pipe.  The side slope of the ditches is to 3:1 or flatter.”
“The use of “dip type” driveways is encouraged in all cases and required where water sheds onto the streets.  “(If water from your driveway will enter the street you must put in a dip or grate and channel to force it into the ditch.  No water can enter the roadways.)
“Driveways must have a culvert of at least 14 inches and a length of 22 feet.”
Driveways can be a maximum of 20 feet wide as they travel over any POA right of way.  There can be no further reduction in the ditch.
All driveways must have a dip or grate designed to catch and divert all water traveling down the driveway into the ditch so that it does not flow onto the right of way or the streets.
If an undersized culvert is installed or exists, is or was placed too high or too low, is partially blocked and this results in water restriction, the owner must remove and replace.
A ditch must be maintained of sufficient size to carry all water traveling down the ditch plus all water from the individual lot without backup or spilling onto the streets.
Any new construction resulting in an increase in square footage of any portion of the structures on site, including decks or additions of storage building, will require the immediate retrofitting of the ditches, driveway, and culverts to these standards.
All other lots will be placed in a timetable to be brought back into compliance with the required storm drainage.
  1. All material used in the improvement must be new.
  2. Current survey must be staked, and all improvements must be inside property lines.  Field verification by the CPACC must be completed PRIOR to start of construction and after forms are set.
  3. Must comply with the Deed Restrictions and all applicable setbacks and easements.
  4. All electrical and plumbing work must be performed by licensed and insured individuals.
  5. Owner/Contractor shall be responsible for ensuring that waste containment facilities are provided to meet standards of the TCEQ and that such is regularly emptied.
  6. No burning of prohibited materials on property shall be permitted.  No food stuffs shall be disposed of in the onsite waste disposal.  Work site shall be maintained in a safe and workmanlike manner.
  7. Owner/Contractor shall provide or arrange for restroom facilities for all workers.  Failure to meet this standard shall be reason for immediate cessation of work.  Contractors which do not comply will be prohibited from entering the subdivision.
  8. Owner/Contractor shall ensure that no use of properties owned by others occurs without written permission from that owner being on file with the POA office.
  9. Owner/Contractor shall provide electrical service and water prior to construction.  Neighboring property owner’s power or water must not be used unless a written authorization is on file with the POA.
  10. Construction vehicles shall not be parked in such a way as to block regular traffic except when required for unloading.
  11. All tracked equipment shall be unloaded so that it does not make contact with the pavement.  Owner/Contractor shall be responsible for any and all damages to the roadways and surrounding properties.
  12. Owner shall not change the drainage plan in such a way that it causes water to run onto the roads or property owned by others.
  13. The finished level of all structures must be at least two (2) feet above the Trinity River Authority (TRA) Flowage Easement.
  14. The improvements to be constructed must adhere strictly to the plans and specifications submitted with your application.
  15. Any changes to these approved plans must be resubmitted for approval PRIOR to making them and will require written approval.  Any changes made to the construction which are not in strict compliance with the approved design will require the immediate cessation of work and possible removal and re-modification at your expense back to the original.  Please remember this is for any deviation or changes including, but not limited to, fences, drives, changes of color/materials, location, size, etc..
  16. All construction must meet the National Residential Construction Code and must follow all local codes and requirements.
  17. The exterior construction must be completed within 180 days from the approval date hereof.
  18. All new home construction must be inspected by a State licensed structural inspection service not a TREC inspector during construction at the following stages:
    1. Prior to pour of foundations, setting of poles, or pouring of concrete of any type.
    2. Electrical, plumbing, and structure shall be inspected prior to cover with sheetrock.
    3. A final inspection upon completion including the Customer Service plumbing inspection required by the State for connection to the water system.
    4. Copies of all inspections shall be delivered to POA.
    5. Owner shall notify the POA of the inspector’s name prior to commencement of construction.
In the event your construction schedule changes, you may apply for an extension if necessary.
Thank you for helping to make Cedar Point the best community on Lake Livingston.
The Cedar Point Architectural Control Committee