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Guard House

Guard House

Cape Royale is a controlled access community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Anyone wishing to enter Cape Royale must be authorized by a Property Owner.  Property Owners may register their vehicles, submit a family list and submit a recurring worker list following these guidelines:

Click here to find the appropriate forms, or stop at the Guard House or POA office to get the necessary paperwork to:

     (1) register your vehicles (up to 4 vehicle stickers per household)
     (2) complete the family list 
     (3) register your recurring works
     (3) pay for your guests' marina access  

Completed forms on this website will automatically send the information to the POA office.  Manually completed forms can be returned to the Guard House or to the POA Office.  Until your stickers are ready to be applied, you will be issued a temporary pass.  Permanent stickers will be ready for pick up within 7-10 days.     

  • For emergency purposes, we request that you also register your golf carts and ATVs. If there is an accident, emergency personnel can identify the owner through this registration.  
  • The family list will allow members of your immediate family entrance without you having to call the gate every time they are coming.  All other visitors must be approved by you in advance by calling the Gate at 936-653-4283 (gate) or emailing to Should a visitor not on your list or not called in by you request admittance, the Guard on duty will make an attempt to reach you by phone. If they are unable to reach you, the visitor will be turned around at the gate.