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Architectural Control

Prior to performing any construction or maintenance on the exterior structures on your property, read the Construction Information Manual (CIM) for details on the processes to follow for each kind of project.  Each property owner and contractor is required to sign that they have read the CIM on each application.

Applications may only be submitted by current property owners.

Construction Information Manual: This includes all information and forms needed for permitting of maintenance, addition construction, new home construction and new parking.

Maintenance / Repair Permit Application:  this permit is required for all outside maintenance or repair activity such as painting, re-roofing, siding or wood replacement in like kind; same color, same material, same footprint.

Small project Permit Application:  this permit is required for additions to the footprint of the existing home site such as decks, carports, storage buildings, gazebos; concrete or stone drives, walks, patios, or bulkhead caps; bulkhead replacement; fences; sprinkler systems; and/or change in color or material on exterior of structure.

Large/Major Project Permit Application:  this permit is required for residential construction; new home, new garage, boathouse, pier, dock, swimming pool and well installation.  911 address is required for new home construction.

Spec Home Project Permit Application:  this permit is required for homes that are not under contract with an expected owner/occupant or are purchased by others as an investment.

Designated Parking Application:  complete this application if you are creating additional parking space on your property for any vehicle , water vessel or trailer.