What is MGCOne?

MGCOne – Designed to Redefine Community Living and Management Experience

My Green Condo Inc.'s, "MGCOne" is a unique and holistic one-stop application that provides a dedicated management platform for communities and secure portals for all participating membership, whether they be Residents (Owners & Tenants), Board Members, Committee Members, Community Managers, Accountants, Maintenance Staff, Security/Front Desk/Concierge, Auditors, Attorneys, Vendors and Management Companies.

MGCOne is designed to bring all required parties together to collaborate and manage the day-to-day operations of an association while ensuring continuity of operations. The platform offers numerous and exceptional features/functionality that not only helps to automate the manual processes associated with community management, but also helps achieve substantial cost savings while promoting a greener environment.

MGCOne Platform


Marketing Firm


Board Member



Management Company

Community Manager


Security/Front Desk

Maintenance Staff


Our Partners

My Green Condo Inc. has partnered with leading accounting software companies and other industry partners. An integrated MGCOne platform with our partners will ensure that your day-to-day operations will never be the same again!