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Electronic Forms (eForms)

These forms require builder, owner and architect information; please have it ready when completing the form as the form must be completed and submitted once started.

To access the forms, please click Resident Login in the upper right corner and use the OWNER/RESIDENT credentials to sign in.  If you the owner does not have sign-in credentials, use following credentials to sign into the website:

Password:   BradyPointPreserve2020

** If you already submitted an application under the username and password BradyPointPreserve1, you should login with that username/password if you need to access your existing application.  

The username/password above is for contractors/builders only.  If you have a resident login, please sign in under your own account before completing this form.

Once you are logged in, you will be taken to the private side Dashboard page.  Click the link "Create New" under the ARC APPLICATION box.  From the "Create ARC Application" page, click the "Select Architecture Type" drop-down and choose your type.

Now you should have the proper form on the screen to complete.  


IF this does not work OR you have troubles, you can go back to the main Brady Point Preserve web page: /index.php and click the Architectural Review/Builder Info menu item at the top of the page and choose "E-Forms" at the bottom of the drop down menu.  That should put you onto a page where you can choose your form to complete as well.    



The Architectural Request form will allow you to submit a request for the following:

- New Construction
- Additions/Modifications
- Pools and Patios
- Screen Enclosures
- Fences
- Docks
- Play Structures


If you have any questions, please contact the Property Manager, Patrick Rowe at