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The 2021 Annual Meeting will be held on May 15, 2021 at 10:00 am.  A "Meet the Candidates" event will be held via Zoom on April 29, 2021 at 6:30 p.m.  The notification for the meet the candidates event was sent via email and will be included in the annual meeting notice that is being mailed to you.

If you would like to cast your vote electronically, please login to the owners portal and click the "ballot" tab on your screen.  The ballot will be available from April 14th through May 13th. There are two open positions, each for a three year term.

2021 Board of Directors Candidates

Charoneau, Amber
I own a marketing consulting business. I have served on several committees, including the Cape Royale Golf Course committee, as well as National Charity League and multiple booster club committees in leadership roles over Event Planning, Fundraising, Communications, and Recruiting. I have co-founded and served as President of a non-profit. I am a creative problem-solver and thorough planner. I grew up in the construction business and have experience in renovation and property management. Knowledge gained through those experiences will be useful in resolving many of the issues that the board might face.
Community Goals: I have done extensive research on possibilities for the golf course. I would love to work with the TRA and residents to find a sustainable solution for the property that brings value to our community. Additionally, I have a passion for culture and experience in culture-building incentives in the corporate world. I am eager to contribute to fostering a community culture that brings value and enriches the lives of the residents.
Derrick, Paul
Engineering and business education in the U.K. combined 8 years/ 45 years in procurement of goods and services. Last 15 years as Procurement Director of major companies. Lived and worked worldwide.
Community Goals: To maintain the assets and beauty of Cape Royale in a financially efficient manner as well as introducing new/better facilities to make the Cape an even better place to live.
Harrison, Tod
I have spent the last 33 years of my career in commercial real estate, buying, selling, building, leasing and managing office buildings and industrial warehouses almost exclusively in and around the Houston area. The primary focus of my role has been to maximize the value of my client's commercial real estate investments. Over the years, I have managed a few commercial Property Owners Associations, served on boards for Tomball Little League and St. Mary's Episcopal Church, and coached youth football and baseball. I currently serve as the Managing Principal for the Houston office of Holt Lunsford Commercial, a full-service commercial real estate service provider. I have an undergraduate degree in Political Science and an MBA. I am an active member of Houston Building Owner and Managers Association (BOMA), a Certified Property Manager (CPM) and a licensed Real Estate Salesperson in Texas.
Community Goals: Maximize property values; increase homeowner participation; streamline processes to improve efficiency; promote transparency between the board, the committees, and the homeowners.
Hoffman, Paul
Educated as a geologist at UT Austin. Career since the age of 35 has been in senior management positions (Gulf Coast Region VP, COO, President) in oil & gas exploration and production. HOA Board experience - multiple offices including the presidency of two different HOA's (one in Houston with 1,400 homes; and with Harbour Villas Townhouse Corporation here in the Cape) and many years of service on Cape Royale Marina Committee. Chaired Constitution & Bylaws committees for both 25,000-member American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), where I also co-chaired a national meeting, and the 4,000-member Houston Geological Society (HGS). Held multiple board positions, including the presidency, in each of the following: HGS, a private school board, Cape Royale Boating Assn., and two other sailing clubs.
Community Goals: Particular areas of focus: (1) the marina, our biggest asset and cash producer (outside of POA dues) - which must be managed like the resident-owned business that it is, (2) our roads, and (3) our ACC administration. Though tit is outside the Cape, status of the golf course and its future are serious concerns. The Board should monitor closely any developments and should investigate and consider ways to support - within provisions of our Bylaws - a viable reopening. The vitality of our committees is the foundation for all that we accomplish, and their creative input must be encouraged and coordinated by the Board to preserve the beauty and financial vitality of the Cape. And essential for all of these are effective capital and operating budgets, long range planning, and maintaining adequate emergency capital reserves.
Kirchner, Lloyd
Executive with the largest direct-hire construction company is the United States. Serial entrepreneur for over 23 years with a successful business track record. Significant non-profit board service. Chairman of the Board of Trustees for a prestigious private school in Houston, TX. President of the Board for the Partnership for the Baylor College of Medicine. President of the Board for the Mercury Chamber Orchestra. Chairman of the Board for the Engineering and Construction Contracting Association.
Community Goals: 1) Ensure a safe community. 2) Make investments in the community to preserve and enhance property value. 3) Provide services that meets the needs of the community. 4) Ensure the marina remains the hallmark of Cape Royale.
Matticks, Leticia “Tisha”
Re: Cape Volunteer Duties - I have been part of the CAPE for over 30 years, ever since I've known my husband, Philip, of 27 years and in in-laws (Norman & Lee Matticks). Philip and I used to provide the music entertainment for the CAPE New Years Party. As well as helping with Boating Association & CAPE activities throughout the years.
Re: Professional - I have owned my business for over 38 years with 3 offices, Coldspring-Katy-Houston, my TX State License include: Real Estate Instructor, Broker & Corporate Broker. I currently serve on the Coldspring Chamber of Commerce as 2nd VP, CAMBA as the President, Texas Teachers Real Estate Association as the Program Director, past President of Houston Independent Real Estate Brokerage Association, Past Secretary for National Association Residential Property Management. I have been teaching with Katy I.S.D. Community Adult Education for 29 years and still going. And I have been a board member of each community where I've owned a home.
Re: Personal - Philip and I were the cooks for all nieces during their years in Girl Scout for Summer Camps. Philip and I never had children so we found getting involved keeps the joy in our lives as one would think would be years of sadness without kids. NO. Philip and I found other ways to spend our free time...yes with all I do, we still have time to ourselves. We started the Katy Canoe & Kayak Club in 2014 with over 200 members. We go to Big Bend and paddle on the Rio Grand for 3-4 days with our group, the current River, Sabine River, etc. We each ride motorcycles, we sail and we are both scuba instructors...I may seem I work a lot...but I am organized...that makes a huge difference to handle my business, community activities & personal life. Philip and I have our retirement home paid off and it is here in the CAPE. I want to remain a CAPE Volunteer regardless if I am voted in or not. I have always appreciated giving back to my community.
Community Goals: Keep our community focused on what is important to help keep our property values up, safe, and welcoming. Be a good listener and follow so we grow to be better leaders for our community.
Reddick, Clifford
20 year of oil and gas experience.
Community Goals: Reduce everything is not working in the community and work on the better future.

Rummel, Cheryl
Eight years of service (six as secretary) with Cokeberry Forest Homeowners Association. Major achievement was to retain independent operation of CFHOA deed restrictions and enforcement when annexed by The Woodlands. Served six years as co-president with husband for Woods of Westlake Neighborhood Association. Major achievement was to fight developer at City Council to rezone entry street in our neighborhood from commercial to single-family residential, protecting property values. About 15 years in state government managing communication and public information with legislative leaders, news media, and employees. 20 years of management experience in telecommunications industry, retiring as President of Time Warner Cable's Shreveport Division responsible for multi-million dollar capital budget, producing $50+ million in annual revenue. As VP of Operations in Austin, I identified and implemented changes to reduce expenses and improve revenue. For example, our bad debt write off was reduced by more than 1 percent. I've served on numerous state and local governmental and non-profit boards. Since moving to the Cape, I've volunteered with the Grounds Committee, worked on the Nature Trail expansion, served on the Sec. 211 committee, and am a participating member in the Civic and Boating Associations.
Community Goals: My husband and I enjoy living in the Cape and are looking forward to becoming full-time residents this year. We have a beautiful community with an aging infrastructure. The increase in new home construction puts a heavier strain on roads, utilities and facilities. Volunteers are an integral part of stretching our operational budget, but they can't do it all. My goal would be to ensure that our annual operating budget addresses the most critical community needs with an eye on long-term planning to maintain and possibly expand amenities that enhance our quality of life.
Shields, Bruce
I've been a weekender at the Cape for over 25 years. Now that I'm retired from Medical Sales I teach part time at Coldspring High School so I am a semi full timer now. I've served as President on my Houston neighborhood board twice over the past 20 years. I also own lake lots in Coldspring Terrace where I am wrapping up my three year term. I'm currently the President of that HOA board.
Community Goals: Have always wanted to serve on the Cape board but just haven't had the time prior to retirement. I enjoy giving back, helping others and meeting new friends. I hope to help Board stream line processes and become more visible in the community.
Window, Kevin
I retired from NASA after a 30 year career prior to this I spent 4 years serving as an officer in the US Army. While at NASA I was a manager in the Space Station Program office for 20+ years and ended my career as the Director of Engineering for the Johnson Space Center. I have served as the President of the Friendswood Girls Softball Association and as the Chairman of the Friendswood Parks and Recreation Board. Additionally, I was on the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEAS) Board. The combined experience as a servant leader for the federal government, my experience as a leader in the Army, manager at NASA, and my experience as a leader on boards has prepared me to serve our community on the POA board.
Community Goals: My philosophy as a manager and leader has been to listen to your folks and obtain feedback for continued improvement. I intend to continue that approach as a board member. I appreciate open and honest communications and feedback. I will ensure to represent the people of this community.

I have an extensive background in building coalitions with the other NASA Centers across the agency.  Department of Defense and other Federal Agencies, and International Partners in Aerospace.  This expedrience will be put to use in developing/improving a coalition with our Management Partner.

Additionally, I was responsible for a budget of over $500M and was held accountable to ensure the budget was managed and was properly utilized with no wasteful spending.  I will capitalize on this experience to properly manage the budget of the POA and ensure the money is spent wisely.